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300!!!! :D dang that was fast! I really miss drawing for you guys, i promise to draw more updates once i get back from my vacation. Btw, my cousin has gotten me into anime recently, so… Any shows you guys really want me to start watching? :3



Ok, so I’m gonna do this contest for Easter and it ends on May 1st! I will be drawing my chibis (because I’m too lazy to do my actual detailed art) for 4 lucky winners. :3 

-You have to reblog this post, that is how you enter. 
-You don’t have to follow me.
-Don’t reblog more than one I’m only gonna add your bloody name once yer bugger.

4th place prize:

A sketch of one character

3rd place prize: 

Line art and colour of one character

2nd place prize:

Lineart and colour of one or more characters with simple background

1st place prize:

Lineart and colour of one or more characters with a background and lighting (optional) 


Skyla: Why are we thanking the ponies that stalk us?

SS: They don’t stalk us!  They just… follow.. us… Okay, I see how you got that, but they’re all really nice!

((Yay! Thank you guys so much for following me!  This was really fun to draw all these OCs.  I really hope I drew all of them correctly.  (Also sorry if you aren’t in the picture.  I couldn’t put anyone else in the pic because I ran out of layers in SAI…) Anywho thanks so much for following this blog!))

OCs Featured (in no particular order):

ask-chance-meeting, askunikittyandbenny, ask-knirrax, ellaelixir, joythegrumpypony, askluckyklutz, askthemischievousmare, ask-pix, askalumina, longfellowthesharkling, batponybrucemane, ask-softbeat, ask-silver-pallette, askshramper, ask-the-toy-box, askkillionlightfeather, backgrounds-ponies, sonicfan3602, askastrid-andwillow, ask-sunsetscience, ask-carrel-smith

^u^ awesum! Thx for featuring me!


…ok guys, I’m sorry… It’s not that I’m out of question(i have LOTS) I just have an art block… 030 … Maybe I need som inspiration?… Plus I’m gonna be on vacation this week, so I don’t know when the next update we’ll be… Thank you all for the questions though! ^^

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